Laugh & Learn Day Care

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The Staff at Children’s Laugh & Learn Daycare provide a safe, friendly, and engaging environment.  My daughter is learning so much through play, circle time, and activities, and LOVES attending!  She has made many friends and can’t wait to go to daycare each day. Thank you to the Staff for their wonderful care, and the experiences you provide every day!  As this is a non-profit daycare, volunteers are very important.  I became a member of the Board of Directors last year to be involved in decisions that directly impact the care my child is receiving.  I’m so glad I joined, and I encourage parents to come out to the monthly meetings and join the fun!

~Katy Whiteside (Parent)

I play with friends and play in the sandbox and eat chicken and bananas for lunch.


~Ava W. (Preschooler)

After my son's enrolment at Children's  Laugh & Learn Daycare, I noticed an improvement with his social skills and ability in imaginative play. He was always eager to tell me about his day and made some lasting friendships! The staff are very friendly and always told me what my son was up to throughout the day, including any challenges he may have faced. I would recommend Laugh & Learn  Daycare to anyone looking.

~Krystal Yorke (Parent)

My son has attended Laugh and Learn for about 2 years.  Being my only child, and having been diagnosed with Austism Spectrum Disorder about 6 months prior, I was very scared to start the daycare journey, but I knew he needed it. I was overwhelmed by the support, understanding, and kindness of the staff at the daycare. Laugh and Learn has become my son's second home, and I really couldn't be happier with the care they provide him. I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have done for my son, and also for the peace of mind you have provided me with. 

~Amanda Sandiford-Belgrave (Parent)

Currently both our children receive full time care with Children’s Laugh and Learn Daycare, the staff are compassionate, friendly and easy to communicate with. This was the first daycare centre our children have attended, previously they had only received in home care, and I was nervous that the new environment and structure might be overwhelming. However, since day one, both of our kids have not only received excellent care, they’ve been having so much fun. Everyday they’re excited to tell us what they’ve learned, who they played with, and what exciting adventures they’ve been on. I’m constantly amazed by the activities the staff include in their day. From the nature walks, sensory play, and arts and crafts to learning about respect and problem resolution. We couldn’t be happier with the care received, and I recommend Laugh and Learn to any of our friends and family.

~Krystal Vanlandschoot (Parent)